Learn how to create a newsletter that’s so fun, inspiring, and filled with personality, it sends your subscribers into a purchasing frenzy. (Click. Open. OMG!)

“I make myself crazy over mailing list numbers and exactly what should be said in a newsletter, and what day and time it should go out, and what colors and fonts and headlines I should use - enough already!”

“I just want my newsletter to sound like a conversation – more like ME. I find this really tricky.”

“I don't want my newsletter to annoy or bore people. I want them to want to read it and become obsessed with my business!”

“Coming up with an awesome newsletter subject line and a call-to-action drives me craaaaaaazy!”

Sound familiar?

Then it’s time to make your newsletter way more fun, entertaining, interesting, and valuable, so that your clients and customers practically moan with ecstasy when your messages fly into their inboxes!

I want to show you how to create a newsletter that sends your readers into a purchasing frenzy. (More sales, more client bookings, and Justin Bieber-level fan mail from grateful readers who love your newsletter and literally can’t wait for it to arrive!)

Join me for...

What's Inside this Program

You get a dangerously fun digital class that you can access instantly. Start whenever you want. Work at your own pace. (Warning: you might want to binge all the lessons in one sleepless night!)

CLICKSANITY includes 14 video lessons (narrated by me!) and super-sweet newsletter writing prompts.

Lessons Include:

: How to write an amazing “welcome letter” for new subscribers

: How to decide which “type” of newsletter to send out.

: How to choose a cool “name” for your newsletter (or not!)

: How to decide whether you should include images (or not!)

: When to send out your newsletter and how to stick to your schedule.

: How to “survey” your community to find out what they want from you.

: 52 awesome newsletter writing prompts.

: How to “find your voice” and infuse tons of personality into your newsletters.

: How to write with more intention and focus—getting one key point across in each newsletter rather than splattering ideas all over the place.

: How to edit your newsletter using the “3 Pass” Technique.

: How to write enticing, must-click email subject lines.

: How to inspire your subscribers to take action (buy, enroll, donate, share) without sounding pushy, bossy, or desperate.

: The truth about open rates and unsubscribes.

: How to surprise and enchant your subscribers by doing things that most business owners never do.

PLUS these 4 RECENTLY ADDED Bonus Lessons!


How to create an awesome opt-in that gets tons of perfect subscribers!


How to build a mailing list filled with people who are obsessed with you. This alone is a 40-minute lesson jam-packed with tons of list building goodness!


How to turn subscribers to paying customers.


How to put even more personality into your writing.

If sending out a newsletter is part of your business, you’ll seriously love this class.

Meet Your Teacher

Hey! It’s Melissa Cassera, the gal behind CLICKSANITY.

I’m an award-winning branding and business strategist, TV screenwriter, and writing and marketing expert. You may have seen me on: NBC, ABC, CBS, HuffPo, INC, AMEX Open and Forbes, and other snazzy places like that.

I live in Los Angeles with my husband and our 3 dog-babies. I’m obsessed with Game of Thrones, spin classes, and anything that involves cute polka dots or salted caramel.

I’ve been running my own business for over a decade, and I’ve been in marketing and publicity for about 15 years. My newsletter – O.M.G. (Original Melissa Goodness) – has a regular open rate of anywhere from 40%-50% (the average open rate for a marketing newsletter is 9%).

I created CLICKSANITY because—after surveying my own newsletter subscribers—tons of people said, “Teach me how to write a better newsletter for my own business, pleeeeease!” I listened. I responded. I pulled together my very best tips and instructions. This class is the result.

This class is for you if...

: You already have a mailing list (of any size) but your subscribers aren’t very “engaged”: meaning, they aren’t opening, reading, responding to your messages very much. Or, like, at all.

: You run a small business, an online business, or work as a freelancer, and doing your weekly (or monthly) newsletter always feels like such a “chore.” You wish it was more fun to write and send out!

: You genuinely care about your subscribers. You want your newsletter to be inspiring and valuable. You want to brighten their day—not bore, frustrate, or annoy them.

This class is NOT for you if...

: All you care about is building the “biggest” list possible. If you’re unhealthily obsessed with getting more subscribers, at any cost, so that you can brag about the size of your list... uh, this is so not for you.

: You want to learn creepy mind-control techniques so that you can “trick” or “frighten” people into buying more of your products and services. Noooo.

: You want a complete blueprint on sales funnels. We touch on funnels in a bonus lesson, but don't cover the strategy in-depth.

: You don’t have a mailing list yet and you have no idea how to set one up.


"I arrived at the Hilton last night for an evening and morning getaway to work on my newsletter with Melissa's ClickSanity, totally making sure the room had a giant jacuzzi tub. Armed with a delicious chocolate chip cookie and my favorite lemonade, I bought the class and binge watched the entire thing while doing the assignments.

Now it's noon, and now I have soooo many newsletters I am dying to send out, I don't know which one to send out first. I seriously cannot decide. Do I really need to spread out these 30 emails? lol They all want to go first.

I received so much inspiration during this program. It was like a personal session with Melissa for a total newsletter makeover to finally infuse my heart and soul into my letters. I now have a fun concept for my newsletter that I KNOW my fans are going to love, love, love. I wrote a bunch of newsletter emails and have a huge list of ones I am so excited to write. I'm actually looking forward to come up with even more subject lines--yes, subject lines. I'm ready to redo this nasty selling sequence after a free trial class that I hated ever since I put it up and make it into an absolute delight for people whether they buy the full class or not. And basically, my whole view on newsletters has changed. I'm looking forward to loading my new welcome letter in MailChimp, scheduling tons of emails for the next couple months, and sending them to my list. But first, a pleasure break. ;) I need something delicious to eat stat."

-- Adelaide Olguin from Not an Exact Science

"Melissa Cassera is one of my favorite business ladies, for good reason: she walks her talk and makes everything fun and fabulous. Her web copy is so damn good that I practically leap and purchase almost everything she does. Her newest thing, CLICKSANITY, is all about making your newsletters fun and readable (and fun to write)... and so far has been everything it promises to be.

-- Hilary Parry from Tarot by Hilary

"Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I love the ClickSanity course! I binge listened the first eight lessons and I love all of them. So many great ideas! And I can always get back to it! YAY!"

-- Karin Raffa from My Germanology


CLICKSANITY will inspire you to approach your next newsletter with tons more passion and enthusiasm instead of feeling like it’s a tedious chore that you have to complete! (Your subscribers will feel the difference. Trust me.)


Get started now!